Hi everyone, I've been on quite a bit of trips & I always have friends asking me what do I do and what should I pack & how. So here is my first #TravelHack list "International Travel"
  1. Make sure your passport is valid
    Make sure your passport is valid, my advise is make sure it has a year valid left before you travel & at least four empty pages so you don't have a hard time leaving your home country and entering your destination.
  2. Customs
    Upon departure you will exit your home country this is where usually they check if you're not wanted on a warrant or have travel restriction. Upon arrival to your destination you will be asked for your proof of stay, length of stay, what your doing & if you're a visitor or not. Make sure you have the correct visa, depending where you from you might need a pre entry clearance.
  3. Visas
    Make sure you have the correct visa! Student, work or visitor. Some countries such as Russia will require you to have a visitor visa before entering, the USA will require ESTA to be filled out by all nationalities visiting... If you have a student or work visa make sure to have your invitation letter from your sponsor
  4. Traveling with animals
    Check the regulations on your destination government site as well with your airliner to check what vaccines you need and certificates you need to bring to boarder protection. Moving with your animals is a bit pricey, make sure you save a couple grand for that
  5. Adapters
    Make sure you check the outlets of where you are traveling & get the appropriate travel adapter for your electronics. You do not want to be from North America or Japan and use your blow dryer in an adapter. You will most likely blow the electric circuit (I've done that before myself personally! Very important to know)