You might also enjoy the following books. Like all of my lists, it is a work in progress.
  1. Telesā - The Covenant Keeper by Lani Wendt Young
    A dramatic, supernatural story set in Samoa about a biracial girl struggling with her identity and her love life. If you enjoyed the passion and pathos of Edward/Bella/Jacob, I think you'll be drawn into Leila's love triangle. If you empathized with Bella's struggle to make sense of her life as a teenager, trying to balance her desires with the expectations of her father and others, then I think Leila's struggle to find her place with her Samoan family will speak to you.
  2. Manifest by Artist Arthur
    A novel about a girl dealing with a new town, a new stepfather, and her ability to see dead people. Like Bella, Krystal is a teenager dealing with her parents' divorce. If you related to Bella, I think you'll empathize deeply with Krystal. Also, tragic romances and supernatural powers.