If you want to teach your children why a half-assed effort is not good enough, feel free to show them this list.
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    My god. That look.
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    Here, to distract you from the chaos in the world, is a bunch of famous cleavage. Or breastbone, at least.
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    How can the same dress make one woman look like a gorgeous bombshell and the other one look like, well, Lindsay Lohan?
    It's not just the side slit, right?
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    It barely leaves enough time for the popcorn shop...
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    I'm not sure what exactly "the twins" refers to in this case. So many options.
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    Dag, C-3PO got fat.
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    This is what I imagine Julie Bowen looks like drunk.
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    How does one woman forget to wear pants so often?
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    But at least she is not suffering this horrible embarrassment alone.
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    Great. Now Brandon is obviously on Trump's payroll now too.
    Also, I'd watch this action flick.
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    Hey, did you guys see that Busy Phillip's gonna be in the new sitcom from Tina Fey?!??
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    This is how Miley transports her weed.
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    Okay, so I know I overplay the "I don't know who this is" card but it DOES say Rose Leslie is in The Good Fight and I am eager to see that, mainly because I'm eager to see Christine Baranski do anything.
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    Just how little IS her boyfriend?
    (Her boyfriend is actually GOT's Kit Harington, which you probably think is a perfect segue into something about him not being the little guy on that show, but it's not. IT'S NOT.)
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    If I may be so bold...because they're goddamn delicious?
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    Another week, another photo of an overweight farmhand and his skate Betty.
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    For those on Madonna Face Watch, this appears to be its current status.
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    She is adopting twin girls because BEYONCÉ IS NOT GOING TO WIN THIS ROUND!
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    This is some story about Drew Barrymore getting hurt on set of Santa Clarita Diet. Calm down. She's fine. I'm only including it because it mentions Timothy Olyphant...
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    ... who looks like this.
    That is all.
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    Anyone's dream, Jerry?
  22. •
  23. •
    Notice that's not actually what's happening in this photo. It's just fodder for your mid-nineties girl-on-girl fantasies.
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    I 100% believe that Melania never wanted this. But if I have to pay for her reluctance, she can effing suck it up.
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    And here are some actual things other First Ladies did but NO SHADE, MELANIA.
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    Wow. I guess the 4,023 headlines I've read announcing this over the past five years WERE right.
    What are the odds?
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    "9:05 PM: Play family game, Symbionese Liberation Army, with the wife."
  28. •
    Straight out of a 1980s Love Boat fancy last-night dinner scene, in which she inexplicably finds Doc irresistible.*
    *My thanks to the three of you old enough to understand this reference.
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    Nicole Ritchie, after robbing Chloe Sevigny's Big Love wardrobe. Good god. You may have taken this week's Christ on a Cracker Award for Sartorial Dumbfuckery, Jemima, but you ALSO broke my friggin' spirit. CONGRATULATIONS.
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    25 Things You Did Not Know About Mr. Cube
  31. •
    Did he mean to say goth? Or emo musician? Or professional photographer? Or edgy cater-waiter? Or Vanderpump Rules bartender? Los Angeles hairdresser? Or Los Angeles Coke dealer? Or Los Angeles anything?
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    I was there with them too, but if I violate the NDA, I get my face shot off.
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