Have you noticed the emphasis on shoes and feet?
  1. The lawyer Stone has eczema on his feet. Not contagious but alienating and almost impossible to get rid of. We see his feet - and his shoes - a lot.
  2. When Naz goes to jail, Freddy courts him by giving him a pair of shoes with "traction."
  3. In episode three, Stone stares wistfully into the window of a shoe store, clearly coveting a nice pair of shoes.
  4. Does it all mean something?
  5. Does it go back to Elie Wiesel's writing and the notion that, in the concentration camps, "death begins at the feet"?
  6. Do shoes carry some other kind of meaning?
  7. Am I reading wayyyyyy too much into it?
  8. Probably.
  9. Carry on.