BEST OF 2016: TV

  1. Atlanta
    Donald Glover is a force to be reckoned with. This is one of the smartest, most thoughtfully observed shows I've seen in years. And thoroughly enjoyable to boot. Couldn't wait for each episode. Nothing short of brilliant.
  2. The Americans
    I've always been a fan but this season just soared for The Americans. Had me with hanging on with every episode.
  3. Fleabag
    I am a sucker for a raw, quirky British show and this one had me from the get go. Anytime a show gets so honest is almost makes me uncomfortable, I know art is happening.
  4. American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson
    John Travolta's ridiculous Shapiro impression — and Cuba Gooding's middling OJ — aside, this is another show that made me glad the mini-series of my youth have been reinvented as a whole new animal. This was the form at its best.
  5. Catastrophe
    The only problem with these damn British shows is there are not enough episodes for my American TV gluttony. Was it as tight as the first season? Maybe not, but I still laughed more at this than probably any other show this year.
  6. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
    If I didn't watch every episode, it's not you, Sam, it's me. Sometimes I just had to bury my head in the sand. You slayed me on The Daily Show and you brought fierce, nasty, unapologetic womanhood to late night. You're just what we needed.
  7. Casual
    As I mentioned in a previous list, I'm evidently a sucker for shoes about angsty white people. And I think Michaela Watkins is fantastic. I won't say it never got annoying at times, but it was worth it.
  8. Black-ish
    This show is incredibly sharp and often hilarious. And they do some spot-on examination of race issues, none better than the episode "Hope," which navigated the complex business of helping your family process today's environment of police brutality.
  9. Please Like Me
    See continuing theme of angsty, uncomfortable, funny. And Australian accents to boot!
  10. My Mad, Fat Diary
    Okay, not current to this year, but I only discovered it a few months ago and devoured it all as fast as I could. Maybe the most honest show I've seen about the awkward, painful teen years as seen through the eyes of an overweight British teen.
  11. Honorable mention: Halt & Catch Fire
    Maybe the best show no one's watching? Including me. Giving it an honorable mention because, even though it was fantastic, it fell through the cracks for me and I haven't finished this season yet. But as soon as these holiday shenanigans are over, I'm on it.