1. It's just a couple days but I think I have at least one afternoon to wander by myself and take photos.
  2. Café du Monde!!
    Beignets and café au lait, you'll never wanna go home
    Suggested by   @rachellewis
  3. The French Market
    Down the street from cafe du monde, perfect for souvenirs
    Suggested by   @rachellewis
  4. The Garden District
    Most enjoyable part of my trip to NOLA was the Garden District. We walked all over, beautiful architecture, trees and at the end, shops and restaurants. We walked there but took a cab back to hotel-we were a block away from Bourbon St. Of course, that's a must glimpse for at least 5 min. Have fun
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  5. I'll let this speak for itself 😍😍😍
    Suggested by   @rachellewis
  6. Steamboat Natchez boat cruise!
    2 hour boat tour, serves great NoLa style lunch.
    Suggested by   @rachelanne
  7. Brunch @ Stanley
    Very delicious!!!
    Suggested by   @shash
  8. Get a muffuletta from Central Grocery on Decatur Street
    Believe the hype, it's worth it!
    Suggested by   @shash
  9. Court of the Two Sisters for the jazz brunch!
    Sorry about another EATING suggestion but, hey, it is a fantastic restaurant and the buffet is killer!
    Suggested by   @HikerGirl60