Inspired by my friend Kendra who, sadly, is not even on The List App. I know!
  1. I feel these dresses would be terrible if a breeze came along, but fantastic for smuggling stolen hams.
  2. I think the closer image was from before the one in the background. Evidence: the ladies go from having no feet to NO LEGS WHATSOEVER. Very popular with serial killers.
  3. These bitches are about to throw down. The one in the white gloves is mos def throwing a gang sign.
  4. When the bikini lady notices that tiny lady to her left she is going to FREAK her SHIT.
  5. Sadly, "shirt not included." Someone wrote "watch pocket on right side." Do they mean, like, there's a pocket for your watch on the right side? Or, that you should watch out for the right side pocket because it'll GET YOU?!?!
  6. This is an entire flippin' wardrobe right here.
  7. I don't understand why this man is going golfing in his shorty pajamas. Or why they're all hanging out in their nightclothes.
  8. KNICKERS!!!! FOR MEN!!!!