Finally, one woman is brave enough to write the list our nation so desperately needs.
  1. "I'm sorry if you were offended/hurt, etc. ..."
    Nope. Not an actual apology. Takes absolutely no personal responsibility and instead blames the other person for having feelings.
  2. "I'm sorry but I...."
    Whoa there, sparky. You're about to walk right into the intersection of Justification and Excuses. You need to dial it back a couple of words.
  3. "I'm sorry!" spit out in the most petulant, resentful voice.
    You don't even get points for trying on this one because we all know you don't mean it.
  4. BONUS ITEM: How to apologize. "I'm sorry." That's it. No excuses, no deflection, nothing but good, old-fashioned personal responsibility. Ahhhhh, refreshing!