I blame @rebeccaja , even though she did write a very nice list about me earlier.
  1. Why does nearly everyone say "aesTETic" instead of "aesTHEtic"? Stop.
  2. How do I get Tim Gunn to adopt me? I just really need him to follow me around and tell me he's proud of me while choking up slightly.
  3. What's wrong with Zac Posen? At what point will his forehead take over his entire head?
  4. Why does everyone act surprised when they use conventional materials in the unconventional challenges and the judges castigate them? I pretty much had it down after the first season I watched.
  5. Why does someone insist every season that he/she can't IMAGINE designing for a "real woman"?
    (If you haven't seen Tim Gunn's video calling on designers to design for the average and plus-size woman, Google it.)
  6. Speaking of women, why does this show perpetually refer to them as girls? What's the point of fierce, empowering fashion if the industry uses belittling language?
  7. And don't even get me started on All Stars!