I'll admit I haven't updated to the new version of list but this might be the update that does me in.
  1. I don't use drafts to ensure my lists are perfect, as the list email sent out a little while ago suggested.
  2. I use drafts because sometimes I don't have time to finish a list and I want to start it earlier in the day and finish later.
  3. I also cannot do my dumb Us Weekly lists without drafts. I do the text in one round, then add the pictures in another. I've had the app freeze on me before and I've lost a ton of data.
  4. It just seems wholly counterintuitive to me. I don't feel stress from wanting my lists to be perfect, as list's email suggests; but I feel a hell of a lot of stress at the idea that I don't have drafts as a work-in-progress option.