1. I was born in Glasgow in 1970 at the Queen Mother's Hospital, which pretty much makes me royalty.
  2. My dad was one of the founders of Scottish Opera and my mum was a teacher.
    That's me Da.
  3. We lived in Hyndland, in the west end of Glasgow until we moved to the US in 1981.
    This is about a block from where we lived. Just down to the right is my favorite chippie and the R. S. McColl's where I shoplifted for the first time. Ah, memories.
  4. Americans have a very romantic notion of life in Scotland, but for us, it wasn't that different from growing up in the states. We walked to school, we lived in a flat, we went to visit our grandparents every weekend. It was all I knew, so it didn't feel particularly remarkable to me.
  5. Things I did not do growing up in Scotland: wear a kilt, play the bagpipes, live in a castle, see Nessie or eat haggis.
  6. And, yes, if called to in the line of duty I can still do a wicked Glaswegian accent.