Watch out. Traveling While Cranky.
  1. I never regret paying more for healthier food at the airport.
    Sticking with my eating plan is tough when traveling. (I eat low carb/high fat.) I'll always pony up for a decent salad. Although maybe I should get my shizz together and pack my own food for once.
  2. TSA Pre may be the best money I've ever spent.
    Because: people.
  3. I do not understand people in the last boarding group who crowd around the gate entrance before boarding.
    This is not in keeping with how time works.
  4. If you see people looking for seats at the gate, TAKE YOUR GODDAMN BAGS OFF THE SEAT NEXT TO YOU.
    Probably that old lady needs it more than your backpack. This is not a personal space issue.
  5. I grudgingly admire the people who saunter onto the plane juuuust before the gates close.
    But I would have a panic attack if I left things that late.
  6. I understand you have sleep apnea, sir, but your snoring is causing actual turbulence.
    Fun fact: the guy in question could have been Rob Kardashian's stunt double.