My dad was really passionate about travel, and he dreamed of taking his grandchildren around the world. He didn't live to do so, so Chris and I are trying, little by little, to show them the world. We just spent five days with my niece Olivia in Paris. If you have the chance to see a place you love through the eyes of a kid you love, do it.
  1. Just a girl and her uncle walking by the Seine.
  2. Wowed her at Hôtel de Ville
  3. Histoire de Paris
  4. In Place Igor-Stravinsky
  5. Maybe the cutest hot chocolate ever.
  6. The way her face lit up when she saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time was breathtaking.
  7. Stained glass ceiling of the Galeries Lafayette.
  8. Institut de France under a nearly-full moon.
  9. Not a bad view for our last night.
  10. Just us girls.
  11. I hope that she carries this trip with her, that she is thirsty to see the world and that her eyes are opened to all kinds of people and all kinds of experiences. Because she is THE BOMB.