Thanks for the request @bredee
  1. I've been eating a ketogenic diet under the supervision of my nutritionist off and on for two and a half years now.
  2. For the past couple months, though, I've been eating like absolute shit: refined sugar, flour, artificial sweeteners, etc. Thank you, stress! I don't feel good, I don't sleep well and still I eat these things compulsively.
  3. And I'm trying to get back to ketosis because I feel so much better when I eat that way.
  4. In short, a ketogenic diet is where you eat ultra-low carb and high fat. It means no bread, no grains, and very limited fruit.
  5. It puts your body in a state called ketosis, where you're burning fat for fuel primarily.
  6. It's tough for me. It's helped me lose weight, it lowers my inflammation (thus reducing my fibromyalgia pain), I have more energy and I sleep better. Even my cholesterol has gone down.
  7. But. I don't really like eating this way. It's very meat-heavy and while I'm no a vegetarian I don't like to eat a ton of meat. And I miss the hell out of fruit.
  8. And the high fat can be too much to handle.
  9. Still. I haven't found anything that makes my body feel as good as this.
  10. So I'll keep trying to claw my way back to it.
  11. Right after I finish this Almond Joy. 😬