1. Getting On
    Third and final season just starting on HBO. Niecy Nash will dazzle you with her understated performance.
  2. Catastrophe
    Amazon. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney wrote and star in this gem about an American man who knocks up a British woman in London.
  3. You're the Worst
    I know the writing's strong here when I get super uncomfortable. On FX.
  4. Married
    Technically, already canceled but you should have been watching it. Also FX.
  5. Casual
    Not always perfect but always interesting and honest. Plus Michaela Watkins is a gem in everything she does. Hulu.
  6. Master of None
    Aziz Ansari's much-ballyhooed Netflix series isn't consistent, but it's well written and tackling important stuff in interesting ways.
  7. Fargo
    Season 2 is eating season 1's dust. Kirsten Dunst is, surprisingly, remarkable.