So far.
  1. People mean well, but your grief is unique to you and deeply personal.
    This includes how it feels, when you feel it, and how long it lasts. No one else gets to define any of that for you.
  2. The idea that time heals all wounds is kind of horse shit.
    It will lessen the immediacy of the pain, it will help you adjust to your new reality, but you don't "get over" loss. It changes who you are and you slowly get used to the new reality.
  3. Therapy can help.
    Opening up to friends is crucial, but it's not the same as having a trained professional focus on you and help guide you through the process.
  4. Grief can also involve trauma.
    Especially if your loss was a sudden one, with traumatic circumstances, or particularly shocking.
  5. All kinds of losses bring grief.
    Not just losing people, but losing relationships, pregnancies, dreams and possibilities. Each is valid and requires healing.
  6. Grief is unpredictable.
    This may be the cruelest part of it. You can be having a great day, then get up to walk across the room and have the wind knocked out of you by grief.
  7. Other people can be there for you and with you, but they cannot walk through the grief for you. Unfortunately.
  8. It's like a weight you carry around until you almost forget that it's there.
    Suggested by @minhal