1. Why is my fridge making that sound?
  2. Am I the only person alive?
  3. Is my left arm numb?
  4. Is that a sharp, shooting pain too?
  5. Have I seen this episode of Law & Order SVU before?
  6. Hey, I think I went to college with that guy.
  7. Is my airway closing up?
  8. Everyone who moves to New York to become an actor is guaranteed a minimum of one guest spot on L&O.
  9. I'm definitely having a heart attack
  10. Does Ice-T bring Coco to SVU cast parties?
  11. What does she talk to Mariska about?
  12. Oh, no. It's not a heart attack.
  13. It's a full-on panic attack.
  14. Fuck.
  15. Am I dying?
  16. You're okay. You're okay. You're okay.
  17. Mariska Hargitay has serious bad smell face.
  18. No, really. I think I might be dying.
  19. I'll never get to sleep.
  20. Tomorrow is ruined.
  21. Would Ice-T like me?
  22. I'll never fall asleep.