1. Really good bread.
    Few things made him as happy as a perfect ciabatta.
  2. Words.
    Their sanctity, their power, their delight.
  3. Wit.
    From Oscar Wilde quotes to fart jokes.
  4. Reading.
    Never a shortage of books in our household.
  5. Good table manners.
    Which is really just a respectful way of being in the world.
  6. The staggering and simple beauty of flowers.
    A cheery vase of sunflowers, a spray of pink dogwoods.
  7. A flair for the dramatic in all things.
    Be it a film, an opera, or a candlelit dinner party at the bottom of the garden.
  8. Travel.
    Maybe the greatest lingering gift he left me — among many truly great gifts. I never feel closer to him than when my bags are packed and I'm out in the world.