1. People with terrible manners
  2. People with terrible grammar
  3. Other people in general
  4. How awful sugar is
  5. How amazing sugar is
  6. Timothy Olyphant
  7. How it's okay to be a 45 year old woman who wants to be Veronica Mars
  8. Knitting shit
  9. Junot Diaz
  10. Jhumpa Lahiri
  11. Mindy Lahiri
  12. Inexplicable hatred for Anne Hathaway
  13. Explicable hatred for Ted Nugent, Donald Trump and/or Ryan Seacrest
  14. Who will play us in the movie of our lives
  15. Why the whoopie pie has never reached the same level of popularity as the cupcake, despite being largely superior
  16. Your complex, detailed, over-the-top travel fantasies