We may not survive long but we will be COZY. What'll you bring?
  1. Throws
    Seriously. So. Many. Throws.
  2. Sleepytime tea and organic peppermint tea
  3. Paper towels
    Something's going to need sopped up, for sure. Thanks, Costco.
  4. Bubble bath and bath oils
    Will we have hot water? There's no telling. But we will SMELL AMAZING.
  5. Samples of skincare products
    Just because the end is nigh doesn't mean you have to surrender to aging
  6. All the TV
    Assuming the apocalypse doesn't affect streaming and cable options which, now that I'm writing this, seems like wishful thinking on my part.
  7. Ill-fitting hand knit hats.
    Name your color. Just name it.
  8. Whoopie pies. Name the time and place.
    Suggested by @sjc17805
  9. A tape measure and all the lipsticks/balms.
    I already keep these in my handbag, so I'm always prepared.
    Suggested by @kcupcaker
  10. Q-tips.
    Suggested by @digitlgrl
  11. Cloth tote bags. We don't have to wait till the end times for me to get generous with these. Call me.
    Suggested by @travelswithjulie
  12. Squares and strips of gift wrap, each smaller than a shoebox.
    Maybe good for blocking drafts??
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  13. Forever 21 tops and blouses by the hundreds, all labeled 'Medium'
    but range in actual size to fit a 9 year old girl to 2X. They're so cheap, it costs more to return than to keep. Hit me up post 'fire and fury'. 💥
    Suggested by @angela3950