1. Lie vs. lay
    Truly a lost cause but I can't help it.
  2. Bring vs. taken
    They're actually not interchangeable, people.
  3. Misuse of literally
    You'd think this would rank higher but I guess I'm starting to accept this one.
  4. You're vs. your
    I don't care if you're just texting. Get your shit together. (See what I did there?)
  5. Unnecessary quotation marks
    You "know" what I'm "talking" about.
  6. Strange comma placement
    What do people think, commas are for.
  7. Mixing up your pronouns
    Me and her went to the doctor. No, no, you didn't. She and I went, asshat.
  8. Strange apostrophe placement
    It's gett'n old, people.