1. Children of Men
    ...is the 2006 futuristic sci-fi one with Clive Owen and Julianne Moore.
  2. Children of God
    ...is either the 2010 one about a gay couple facing homophobia in Brazil or the 2010 documentary about the evangelical cult.
  3. Children of a Lesser God
    ....no one was really confused about that one
  4. Little Children
    ....is the one from 2006 about disintegrating marriages, starring Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson.
  5. City of Lost Children
    ...is the 1995 one with Ron Perlman, about a scientist who kidnaps children and steals their dreams.
  6. City of God
    ...is the 2002 one about two boys from the Rio slums.
  7. Of Gods and Men
    ....is a 2010 French film about Trappist monks in Algeria during the Civil War.
  8. Gods and Monsters
    ...is the 1998 one starring Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser, about the last days of the man who directed Frankenstein.
  9. Of Monsters and Men
    ...is a band, and really shouldn't be part of this discussion at all.