[This list brought to you by my raging headache.]
  1. ...but is no one else just pissed?
  2. They created this great community that was aimed at making and sharing lists. But over time, it became what the users wanted it to be — creative iterations that went so above and beyond what I initially foresaw.
  3. But the way we used List seems to have been different from what the creators intended. And I think they changed features to try to keep it more in line with what They wanted.
  4. There emerged sort of a push-pull, an us-them dynamic which changed the tone of the app entirely for me.
  5. And now They're bored with it. They made changes that alienated users and now are using that as an excuse to shut down.
  6. And They can write all They want about what a special community this is but then you have to ask:
  7. Why are They tearing that community down?
  8. From where I'm sitting, and this is just my opinion, usage dropped because they took away drafts, changed things that were working perfectly well, and promoted the idea of private lists or lists for certain groups.
  9. And I'm sorry, but that's the diametric opposite of how the community was using the List App.
  10. You can't create a community then introduce devices for exclusion and expect it to continue to thrive.
  11. I strongly believe that usage also dropped because the developers made it clear that They were not interested in our complaints, in hearing and responding to how we wanted to use List.
  12. So it concerns me that this vague new app stresses privacy right from the get-go.
  13. I understand it's what people value but it's not at all what I came here for.
  14. So I'm not feeling teary-eyed. I'm feeling a little duped. I participated, I engaged, I championed this app and turned other users on to it.
  15. I showed up.
  16. Now They're shutting down.
  17. And I guess it just feels to me like bullshit.