1. Right now, mine is the opening riff to Billy Bragg's She's Got a New Spell. To the eight people who know of it, this says I am very, very cool and probably an amazing person. To everyone else, it says I am annoying.
  2. The Office theme song
    It says I'm a fan of the Office. And it makes me smile when it plays.
    Suggested by @justjills
  3. The Final Countdown by Europe
    Says I'm a Gob from Arrested Development fan
    Suggested by @francium
  4. Arrested Development theme song
    I also have The Office theme, The Mindy Project theme and the Seinfeld theme song
    Suggested by @audreypalumbo
  5. Also my voicemail is George Costanza's voicemail song
    All of this says I watch way too much TV
    Suggested by @audreypalumbo
  6. My phone is on vibrate 100% of the time.
    I'm basically a ninja.
    Suggested by @kcupcaker
  7. The Power Rangers wrist communicator theme
    Says I'm an overbearing and over-emotional human that has sworn to protect Angel Grove from all evil.
    Suggested by @DavidRobson
  8. The old Nokia default tone
    But only for numbers I actually need to answer right away. Every other number is silent and they get to take chances with my mood & voicemail. What does it say about me? I like to think it's Retro Chic.
    Suggested by @mnc1971
  9. Sometimes I enjoy hearing my ringtone so much I fail to answer calls.
    If it's that important ... Leave me a message.
    Suggested by @kawaalii
  10. Star Trek Voyager Theme
    I'm a strong nerdy woman and don't need no man.
    Suggested by @amandagracehua
  11. Doorbell. It means you're a dork.
    This was years ago (I'm always on silent now). One time I was driving with the windows open and heard someone's doorbell from the road! So loud!! It keep ding donging. Finally I realized it was my phone and I immediately changed it to something else.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  12. Ron Burgundy "Go fuck yourself San Diego"
    It's my text/notification tone actually, and it goes off in some hilariously inappropriate places. Luckily I'm not super popular on here or in life so it's not constantly going off....Yep, leave my notifications on. 😎
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo
  13. My ringtone is a mashup of Madagascar's Afro Circus and Move It, Move It.
    This says I spend way too much time with kids and probably need some more adult interaction.
    Suggested by @jessilee23