Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

  1. Baseballcrank Snapchat
    I was going off on my snap story at a recent major league baseball game, and his is my interpretation of the infamous @baseballcrank avatar. The real baseballcrank is the Twitter handle for a well known conservative commentator, by I was inspired by the podcast CHAPO TRAP HOUSE to spread the image far and wide.
  2. Fake Anti-Semitic Twitter Conversation
    I'm a big fan of anti-Semitic Twitter not because I'm an anti-Semite, but because they're hilariously dumb. In this one, it appears as though Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and member of Knesset Mark Regev are the real masterminds behinds ISIS. We all know that the REAL Jews running ISIS wouldn't be that careless. 😉
  3. MS Paint Jew Drinking Goyim Blood
    A continuation of awful and hilarious anti-Semitic memes. This one looks like it was made on MS paint. It's obviously false because any real Jew knows that we use Goyim blood for matzoh, not drinking.
  4. DJ Khaled At Drew Frank's Bar-Mitzvah
    This screenshot is perfect on so many levels. First, I'm a big fan of DJ Khaled's snap story. HUGE fan. Imagining DJ Khaled hanging out with a bunch of awkward Jewish 13 year olds is hilarious in and of itself. Drew Frank's parents not only paid tens of thousands of dollars for DJ Khaled to come in for 30 minutes, yell a lot, take Snapchats, and play around on DJ equipment, but they also got him a custom geo-filter. That kid is going to be drowning in pussy for the rest of middle school.