1. 10 guys walk into a bar, one says "howdy", 3 say "kiddeleeekoo" and the rest say, "damn".
  2. 4 planets of the moon take rise in the galaxy. Who could they be you ask? Saturday, Sunday, Cookie and Surprise.
  3. Sometimes when you fart on a chair, the air feels nice on your tushy.
  4. Look now. Look at this one. It's George Lucas flying the Never Ending Story dog.
  5. Hair clips are the enemy. Be ware.
  6. Rainbows go dashes that cinders and ashes.
  7. Stacks of paper flipped through to a comfortable soft touch. Hard leather binding makes the match perfect. Leather chair, brushed carpet, tan globe with mahogany bookshelves. Foggy windows with hints of air. And the music flows.
  8. Are you reading that comic book? Yes. What's so funny about it? Zap zap goes the bouncer. Oopsy.
  9. Chatty Chatty can't stop chattin'. Chat chat away Chatty. You can chat all night long Chatty.
  10. And last and maybe a little least, take her home sista'. Bring it into your heart and breathe it some oxygen. Warm. Love. Good night.