Please don't feel obliged to get anything from this list, i just hope you get some inspiration from it ✨🎁🎄
  1. I love books!
    Send me a book you've been reading/been recommended a lot!
  2. Funny cards, postcards, notes or letters
    The lamer the pun, the better!
  3. Cute enamel pins
    I have recently gotten obsessed with pins so any addition to my non-existent collection would be welcome!
  4. I love chocolate obvs
    Key favourites include dark chocolate, nuts, orange, peanut butter and coconut
  5. I love politics
    I love talking about politics, reading about politics and watching anything related to politics. Make of that what you will!
  6. I am a huge film/ TV nerd
    Literally 80% of my lists are about film or TV so feel free to give me anything pop culture themed. Bonus love if it's The West Wing, Parks And Rec, Firefly, Sports Night related!
    I know this is a given but if you gift me something Harry Potter related, I will literally build you a shrine ✨
  8. Something space related
    I love anything that is space/star/planet themed so go crayyy
  9. Don't sweat it if you end up getting something outside this list 💜✨
  10. I'm already so excited
  11. As always, all the love to @DawnCloud for organising this! 💕