I spend a lot of time on Internet. And I am easily bored. So here is a list of alternative options to Netflix/YouTube/Reddit because the Internet is a wonderful rabbit hole that never fails to provide.
  1. archive.org
    Library of millions of free books, movies, music, etc. Also they have a "Way Back Machine" which means you can type a certain website and see how it looked like at any given date in the past!
  2. thenicestplaceontheinter.net
    Never ending videos of random strangers smiling and giving you hugs. Visit it on a bad day and I guarantee it will leave you with a smile.
  3. tenminutemail
    Generates email addresses that self-destruct in ten minutes. Brilliant for getting constant free trials everywhere 😏
  4. twitch.tv
    I did not know I would like watching people paint on TV this much. Utterly mesmerising.
  5. Hilarious, original and wildly creative articles and videos. Great combination of humour, snark and pop culture.
  6. genius.com
    This is one of my all-time favourites. They annotate literally everything, from Kanye lyrics to Dr. Seuss. It's so much fun to scroll through familiar works and see all sorts of comments and interpretations.
  7. Tell me some of your favourite places on the Internet!
  8. hellogiggles.com
    Articles written by women mostly
    Suggested by @shreyasaurus
  9. Sometimes I like to leave humanclock.com open in one tab, and click over every few minutes to see a new number!
    Suggested by @jessicah
  10. Messynessychic.com
    Parisian blogger who's tag line is "make the Internet a more interesting place." I'm obsessed with it.
    Suggested by @finesse
  11. quora.com
    Like yahoo answers but with experts
    Suggested by @yikes