Bc "Peak TV" and everything
  1. The Americans
    It feels like everybody talks about this show but nobody actually watches it. I'm on season 3 right now and there's nothing like it on TV. Being able to pull of tense, action-packed car chases and emotional nuance and character-development in the same episode is no mean feat. The show is not afraid to be bold (50% of the dialogue is in Russian), and takes as much care with its guest characters and B/C plots as it does with the main ones.
  2. Manhattan
    Set in the last days of World War 2, this show is about the race to create the atom bomb that ultimately ended the war. While it gets a bit heavy-handed at times, focusing on the scientists and the small enclosed community made up of their families was an excellent choice. The character development gets better as the season progresses and every episode is full of plot-twists and unbearably tense moments. Sadly cancelled after two seasons, but still very much worth a watch.
  3. Fresh Off The Boat
    Fucking hilarious. Based on Eddie Huang's memoir about immigrating to America and developed for TV by Nahnatchka Khan, this show combines excellent casting with a constant volley of zingers and one-liners. Eddie Huang reportedly doesn't like this show and I can sort of see why; It frequently uses racial stereotypes to make a quick joke. But if you want 20 minutes of light, well-written humour then do watch this. Also, the comedic genius Ali Wong writes for it!
  4. Man Seeking Woman
    Do you like weird, science-fictiony humour? Of course you do. While the basic premise is pretty simple: man seeking a woman. Each episode features lead Jay Baruchel finding himself with another woman-problem but there's also Hitler (an ex-boyfriend), a living troll, many other unique characters and a scene featuring the security council dealing with the national emergency of writing the perfect text to a girl. Weird, and wonderful and a perfect oddball of a show.