I listen to far too many American podcasts and then have to deal with references I don't get (Hamilton is a thing apparently??), shows I can't watch (fuck you and your shitty collection Netflix UK) and offer codes I can't make use of. All suggestions welcome because this is a tragically short list ^_^
  1. Kermode and Mayo's Film Review
    I HAD to put this in. It's such a classic podcast, the queen probably listens to it. The "wittering" used to annoy the hell out of me when I first started listening but now that's my favourite bit now. I love hearing correspondence from all corners of the world (even North Korea!), the general silliness that happens and the occasional Kermode-rant which is always magnificent.
  2. SRSLY
    I've only been listening to this for a couple months but I love it so much! Hosted by two ladies from the New Statesman, this is a pop-culture podcast. I think what I like most about, besides their incredibly soothing voices, is that it's not as "current" as all the other pop-culture podcasts I listen to. Which is a good thing! I'm horrible at keeping up with tv shows so it's really nice to hear them talk about a show or a book that was probably "the big thing" a couple months ago.
  3. No Such Thing As A Fish
    LOVE THESE GUYS! They're ridiculously smart, geeky and totally hilarious. Every week they'll talk about the weirdest facts they've found and I've learned so many interesting and cool things along the way. I really just want to spend time with them.