My Run Journal

Thanks for the request, this is a great idea to track my progress! I don't run more than once or twice a week, so I'm going to make this a sort of workout journal instead
  1. Monday [30/1]: Did 5K on the treadmill in 32 min! Really proud, because I hadn't fully finished a 5K in ages. In other news, my legs are jelly now 😫
  2. Tuesday [31/1]: BodyAttack class for 60 minutes. Cardio was okay, despite my tired legs but the arm workouts were THE WORST
  3. Monday [06/02]: Did 3k in 20 minutes today. This is much slower than I'd like to be but I felt really ill, and for some reason had to keep stopping. On the upside, I increased the gradient on the treadmill for once! Win some, lose some