The 🔑 to success
  1. Set up workstation with 5 different types of snacks
  2. Queue study playlist you earlier spent three hours making
  3. Open your notes
  4. Get distracted within 5 minutes and go on Reddit
  5. Find an obscure subreddit and obsessively go through every post
    yesterday I spent five hours learning about the science of skincare
  6. Convince yourself your life would change if you follow the rules of that subreddit
    My Amazon cart currently has £50 worth skincare in it and I don't even HAVE skin issues!
  7. Finish all snacks
  8. Check the time and feel horribly guilty of all the hours you wasted
  9. To distract self from guilt, buy shit you don't need off the internet
    Bc ASOS is the source of all evil
  10. Feel even more guilt
  11. Finish about 20% of the work you had assigned for the day
  12. Congratulate yourself for the work you did and watch Netflix
  13. Go to bed ridiculously early
  14. Repeat the cycle tomorrow
  15. Fail at exams, fail at life and die a miserable, lonely death