1. All my deadlines are coming up and I'm v stressed and not getting enough work done
  2. I spent two hours making a seating plan for my school's annual ball, a ball that IM NOT EVEN GOING TO
    (Also I basically organised the whole thing and got zero thank yous in return)
  3. Some people in my Software Engineering group were being v bitchy to me and I don't know why
  4. The cute guy in my lecture sat behind me so I couldn't even stare at him
  5. My Algorithms lab is going to kill me I know it
  6. I saw a guy I went out with a while ago (and still kind of like) with another girl
  7. It's raining and cold and I had to walk home bc the bus showed up two minutes after I left the bus stop 😑😑
  8. Ugh idk