A product of my somewhat limited interactions but completely, 100% relevant
  1. Apologise five million times a day
    You walked into me bitch why am I saying sorry to you???
  2. Ask if you're alright and don't wait (or care) for an answer
    What do you even respond to this somebody tell me
  3. Terrified to cross the road when the light is red
    There is no car on the road! And even if there is, the speed limit is 50 the car CAN SEE YOU!!
  4. Get ridiculously excited over a tiny bit of sun
    It'll be good weather for like 5 minutes and out come the shorts, sunglasses and a fucking barbecue CALM DOWN GUYS
  5. Total and absolute abuse of the word "curry"
    Mate I'm from India, I know what curry is and it definitely does not come with chips
  6. Sort yourselves out guys