Super prompt by @semioccasional that prompted super cool lists so I thought I'd jump on this ship as well
  1. Starting my placement
    I start a one year placement this June and it's the first job of any kind I've had so I'm equal parts terrified and excited
    Placement is in London so I'm so stoked to be exploring the city in what is arguably the best season in the UK
  3. Music festivals!
    Glastonbury, Latitude, Reading, Leeds, Wireless there's so much choice!!
  4. Iced Coffee
    I vow to visit all the hipster coffee shops in London and feel incredibly superior and cool
    nothing beats natural lighting and come summer, my Instagram is going to be 🔥
  6. That ache in your legs at the end of day spent walking around the city
    Add ice-cream and reasonably attractive boy and you've got a perfect day
  7. cocktails and sweaty dancing and feeling the cool air on your skin at the end of a great night out
  8. Getting excited for fall at the end of summer because fall fashion is the best fashion
    yes I rank my seasons by the clothes I get to wear