Thoughts from a First Year University Student

I'm now almost halfway into my first year of university, so thought I would mark my re download of this app with some thoughts and realisations so far
  1. Thank god I don't have to be in school all day anymore
    This was the worst part of high school, being able to leave when I don't have class is great
  2. Man, high school was not great
    When you're in it it seems alright, but once you're out you realise how much better things could be
  3. Choices are great
    I went to a really "traditional" school, and being able to choose subjects outside of that traditional framing doesn't make me a less academic person, it makes me able to be more myself
  4. Diversity is important
    Going from an all boys, very white, very upper middle class school to a more diverse university has exposed me to the power of diversity, allowing me to broaden my views and empathic abilities
  5. I'm not the average person
    I always thought of myself as the sort of median person, but the diversity and plurality of university has shown me my privilege, my academic abilities and my opinions as not representative of the average, far from it
  6. Being an adult is scary
    I've always wanted to be an adult, but as it gets closer it gets scarier, one day I'll have to depend on myself
  7. I don't have to be a lawyer
    Coming from the background I did, it was always assumed that I would go into some profession like the law or engineering (both family professions), but actually I can do whatever I want to do. Actually. Not just in that inspirational speech kind of way, but there are really more options than I had considered whilst at high school
  8. You don't have to settle in terms of friends
    I spent all of my school years friends with, bar a couple of exceptions, the people it was convenient to be friends with, not really people I like. At university I realise I don't have to choose my friends that way, I can hang out with people I really value
  9. And last, that the world is wonderful and scary and frightening and exciting and that isn't a contradiction
    Everything is multi faceted and nothing is as simple as it seems at the start