This year will hopefully be there year that I upgrade finally, and here's what I want to be able to do on my new phone. Add your suggestions and wants too!
  1. Type to Siri
    I love Siri, but there are so many times when speaking to your phone is not an option. If I could type to Siri to set up a calendar event or something then it would be so useful
  2. Use my phone for multiple days without having to carry a charger around
    I hate having to charge every night and having anxiety when I forget my charger.
  3. Use apple music
    I'm a spotify user, but not by choice really. Apple music, ironically, works so badly on my iPhone that I can't use it. The problem is that my favourite artists get exclusives on there, and there are better royalty payments which I support very much. Being able to use it would be great
  4. Not worry about getting water near my phone
    Samsung's phones have been waterproof for years, would love to lose that worry from my life
  5. In general I want better durability
    Why do we have to use cases and a screen protector on the phone we spend over a thousand dollars on? Why can't that functionality be in the actual phone
  6. Hold my phone in one hand, but have a big screen
    If we had a phone with the screen of the 6(s) plus with significantly smaller bezels, as in the s7 edge, the whole experience would be better
  7. Mainly, I want to enjoy using my phone again
    It used to be so exciting, I want that back