Probably overly personal. Also- **trigger warning, sexual assault, rape**
  1. A couple weeks ago, I finally finished reading Roxane Gay's superb collection of essays, "Bad Feminist"
    I loved it. It's an amazing book, it deeply resonated with me, and I'd recommend it to anyone
  2. In one particular essay, "The Ilusion of Saftey/ The Safety of Illusion," Gay discusses some of her various personal triggers and then why she disagrees with the idea of trigger warnings.
  3. She makes a lot of great points. These include that everything is a potential trigger for someone, that it can be difficult to draw the exact line between what needs a trigger warning and what doesn't, the issue of censorship, and the fact that one sentence at the beginning of an article can't actually protect anyone
  4. The short answer is, she's right.
  5. So often, people who argue against trigger warnings do so with little to no respect for survivors of trauma and they make me feel like this
  6. But Gay's argument comes from a place of knowledge and personal experience and I respect that.
  7. But at the same time, I will always want there to be trigger warnings and feel a tiny bit insulted when people say they are stupid
    Gay says that "trigger warnings are designed for the people who need and believe in [them]" and I guess that's me
  8. I have PTSD because of sexual assault
  9. And right now, the Brock Turner issue has made me want create a product where the internet knows my triggers and blocks them for me, because Facebook is basically a minefield
  10. I know that this case isn't particularly unique (in fact that makes it worse) but it's so triggering that I've kind of been an emotional wreck the last couple of days
  11. Maybe it's that he kind of looks like a past abuser
  12. But more likely it's the blatent disregard for women, rape victims, and humanity
  13. I thought that I knew why I was writing this but as I go on, I don't know where I'm going
  14. I guess I just don't understand. Why is the world like this?
  15. Why in the world did his dad call his rape "20 minutes of action?"
  16. Why did the Washington Post go into so much detail over the RAPIST'S swimming record?
  17. Why the do we care about him at all
  18. Where is Buffy right about now
  19. I guess what I'm saying is that yes, maybe trigger warnings coddle me, and maybe they do nothing to protect me from an awful world that's awful
  20. But I don't care, I need them
  21. And to anyone else out there who is horrified with all of this
  22. Who is being extra reminded of their past this week
  23. You aren't alone
  24. And I'm sorry