Cities I Have Lived in vs. Cities I Would like to Live in

  1. Lived in: Washington, DC (1992-1998)
    Home. Moving back in less than three weeks and couldn't be more excited
  2. Would like to live in: London
    I lived in England as a kid but we lived in a village so I won't include it here. London also feels like home and I plan on living here one day
  3. Lived in: Salt Lake City, Utah (1998-2000)
    Hard not to fall in love with those mountains ❤️ I'm personally more of a big city/ tree person but SLC definitely has its charms
  4. Would like to live in: Paris
    My first dream as a child was to go to Paris. My parents would always say "too expensive, maybe when you're in college" but then we moved to the UK and I got to go to Paris right after my 8th birthday. Life lesson- it's not too hard to achieve your dreams ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ jk but yeah, Paris always has an almost magical quality to me
  5. Lived in: Alexandria, VA (2006-2010)
    Perfect mix of DC and Virginia. also where my parents will live for probably forever.
  6. Would like to live in: New York City
    This is another city that I just have a lot of magical love for in my heart. we almost chose NYC over DC for the fall so hopefully I'll get to live here eventually
  7. Lived in: Provo (2010-2014)
    Lived here as I went to BYU. It's a fun lil college town and I have great memories of my time there but I don't think I'd want to live there again.
  8. Would like to live in: Beirut
    باريس الشرق الأوسط... ما اجمل بيروت!!😍😍😍
  9. Lived in: Amman (2012-2013)
    For a total of 7 months I lived in Jordan, first on an intensive arabic study abroad, and then on an internship. It's an amazing country and I loved it! If you're going and want hummus/falafel/shawarma recommendations, HIT ME UP
  10. Would like to live in: Cairo
    I've done most of my research on Egypt and it's the biggest Arab city and the dialect is fun and so much history and etc etc
  11. Lived in: Cincinnati (2014-2016)
    Such an underrated little city. It has its own little unique culture and feel, it's been a fun place to live for a couple years.
  12. Would like to live in: HONORABLE MENTIONS
    Toronto, Berlin, Stockholm, Marrakesh, Isfahan, Barcelona, Havana, Mexico city, Szczecin...