Whenever I do make it up there, the Lord has quite a bit of explaining to do..
  1. Why did You make our minds so powerful? I guess that could be a good or bad thing depending on how one looks at it. The whole "change your mind, change your life" bit is true... But I still think You gave our thoughts too much control over our lives.
  2. If we're all living to die then what's the purpose?? & Why was I forced to play this game without having a say in the matter? Although once again I guess it depends on how you look at the situation. Anyway, that leads me to my next question..
  3. If this world is going to be destroyed, then why would I spend anytime bettering it? It won't matter in the long run when this one is completely annihilated..
  4. Did You consider the movie Bruce Almighty to be blasphemous and offensive? Or were You entertained by Morgan Freeman's portrayal of You?
  5. Why is human sexuality so fluid? What was Your reasoning behind that decision? Population control?
  6. When did the dinosaurs exist?? What color were they?? & what sounds did they make??
  7. Is man inherently evil?
  8. Do aliens exist? Can I see some?
  9. If someone accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior but NEVER attempts to live a Christian lifestyle, are they still "saved" & guaranteed a spot in heaven? What exactly constitutes living Christ-like? Where do You draw the line between living a sinful life vs. a holy one?
  10. Whose method of worship do you prefer? Whites or blacks?
  11. If I don't have the ability to see my funeral after I die, would You mind showing it to me on repeat. I really wanna hear a eulogy..
  12. Who is the best rapper of all time? Lyrics? Flow? Consistency? Talent? Emotion? Passion? All that..
  13. Is it fair to say white Europeans were the cause behind 99.9% of the world's problems today?
  14. You heard me talking to You all those nights right? Can You show me concrete examples of You talking back?
  15. Why was I Nia ?