I want this to work, guys. I really do.
  1. An all in one journal sounds ideal
    My life is full in the best way possible. I have a lot to keep up with and love the idea of a beautiful one stop shop for collecting my thoughts.
  2. I find the act of listing cathartic
    I crank through spiral notebooks, sticky pads, junk mail envelopes, backs of receipts...if there is white space I'll use it.
  3. I love the aesthetic of the bullet journals I've seen on li.st
    This is some grade A primo Pinterest porn level designs, gang. I'm impressed.
  4. But I have one tragic fall that impedes me from bullet journaling
    My almost illegible handwriting
  5. This sample is from this afternoon
    I made a conscious effort to write clearly so I could refer back to this list later in the week and have any idea what it says.
  6. But there is hope!
    Microsoft OneNote
  7. This program has great functionality for keeping tons of lists, saving screen shots, drawing examples, sharing with friends or colleagues
    The list goes on and on
  8. This is a recent discovery for me
    After staring at a classmates screen in lecture wondering how she was taking such insane notes and inserting screen grabs from slides.
  9. My current sections cover a large cross section of my life
    Each class for grad school, book suggestions, podcast suggestions, fantasy vacations, personal research topics, health questions (with separate pages for my doctor, my son's pediatrician and my dog's vet)
  10. But I still have a notebook
    For the daily to-do list
  11. If anyone has any other thought organization tips for folks like me please share!
  12. Please note: calligraphy classes are not an option
    I'm 31 years in, I'm calling it on improving my handwriting. Part of your 30s is accepting your flaws, right?