Impulse bought a powerball and mega millions ticket today. My husband refuses to indulge in this fantasy with me so I'm not sharing my winnings.
  1. Pay off mortgages, money for son's college, etc etc
    Baseline financial independence for myself, parents, I laws, sister, and brother in law
  2. Buy an airstream
    Family roadtrip! I did NZ by camper van and loved it. Want to share that experience with my son and dog.
  3. Give away all my clothes
  4. Start a for profit charitable organizations
    For profit because I'm here to lobby/buy as many senators and congressmen as it takes to push my agenda. Practical > idealist
  5. Buy a Virginia Vineyard
    And let a rookie winemaker go nuts trying new innovative ways to grow and make killer wine in my home state
  6. Buy a mountain house
    Tricked out. Mountain views from the hot tub. Maybe near water?
  7. Get a cleaning service
    I'm never cleaning a bathroom again.
  8. Go off the grid for a while
    While I figure out the details of how to spend, invest, and donate this cash. If you don't see me listing for a'll know....