Reflections on my first year of motherhood, heavily influenced by Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In and my empathetic manager (who is a father)
  1. Stop apologizing
    For leaving to get your kid from daycare, for unplanned absences due to your kid's health, for not being available to travel, for taking pump breaks. State your parameters and limitations as facts.
  2. Say no when you can't
    Work evenings or weekends, travel, make it to breakfast meetings or drinks. Don't overextend yourself.
  3. Work efficently
    Cancel waste of time meetings, make face time with leadership count, pick up the phone when e-mail strings get confusing. Make your office hours high value to avoid pushing work into family time.
  4. Advocate for yourself
    No one else will. Ask for more responsibility, a promotion, more money. Don't excuse your bosses/company for overlooking you because you have additional family responsibilities. #EqualPayDay #Everyday #AllAboutTheBenjamins
  5. Evaluate non-work or family activities
    Analyze how you are spending your time. Suddenly you'll have a lot less of it.
  6. Delegate and contract out what you can
    Hire a maid service to deep clean so you only need to tidy. Send more clothes to the dry cleaner. Let a farm share pick your groceries. Buy a coffee maker that functions on a timer.
  7. Share baby pictures with your coworkers
    I know you were just asking to be nice but I'm still going to make you flip through dozens of photos on my phone.
  8. Ignore all "I don't know how you do it" comments
    Well intentioned or malicious, just ignore them. You define your new normal so don't worry about what anyone's perception of your balance may be (good or bad).
  9. Bond with your daycare provider
    I trust my daycare more than my pediatrician. Ask them for advice. Share concerns. Build a relationship. It is easier to focus at work because I know my son is in excellent care.
  10. Cut yourself slack
    No one can do it all and that's fine.