Dif bagel combos I'd go for, these combos are carefully related to the bagel flavor so don't think you can mix n match
  1. Everything with scallion cc
    Toasted-- good for any meal any day
  2. Everything with plain cc
    Toasting optional/seasonal. Generic order if you're asking a friend to place it for you they can't fuck it up, you can't fuck it up. This combo holds up well after it's been in your bag for a while.
  3. Onion Bagel w/ cheddar & tomato
    -Add avocado if ur feeling insecure. This is better on a toasted bagel, it's like eating a grilled cheese but more filling, like eating pizza but less greasy and more friendly delivery mechanism
  4. Whole Wheat w/ Veggie CC
    If you wish it was a wrap. Good to change things up. Sometimes this combo tastes like pizza.
  5. Cinnamon Raisin w/ plain cc
    Wouldn't consider this after 11 or if the contrast between the light part of the bagel and the cinnamon is too strong. Best when whole bagel has a darker brown look
  6. Sesame with hummus & tomato
    Spicy hummus can make this really special
  7. Everything BLT
    lil mayo... Toasted mmmm. Eat after 12pm
  8. Onion toasted with butter
    It's like garlic bread but with onions and in the morning
  9. Blueberry with butter
    No toast!!! The blueberries get too warm and hot fruit is gross. Hot raisins are ok though