Instagram takes up way too much of my time. Now making lists takes up too much of my time (I'm making them in the shower). But IG has taught me something
  1. Gwen Stefani is gorgeous without all that shellac on her face.
    What a role model she'd be if she sang looking like this.
  2. People are so mean!
    Who are all these random people with so much hate and no lives? I can't believe people make such nasty comments just because they can. And with so many typos!
  3. People just click "like".
    I am guilty. There are certain people that always "like" mine, so I feel obligated to "like" theirs. So much pressure...
  4. There are sure a lot of hashtags out there.
    Like, is that something we can #count?
  5. People are pretty fucking talented.
    And generous enough to share.