Things I'd rather spend $1500 on instead of a new water heater

We bought our house 6 months ago. And the water heater started making a weird ticking time bomb sound last month. So we had it inspected (just in case it was a ticking time bomb) and we need a new one. Of course. But not immediately. So I can think of all the things I'd rather spend that cash on.
  1. A shiny new red washing machine
    But then I'd need the matching dryer.
  2. A Disney cruise
  3. A new guest bath
    We just need a new tub/shower, floors, paint and countertop. Easy peasy.
  4. Personal yoga classes
  5. Botox
    I can dream.
  6. A new headboard for our bed
    "If you build it, he will come."
  7. Play structure for the Princess
  8. Sport fishing in Baja
    Fuck. I wish.
  9. And then I asked my husband what he would spend the $1500 on...
  10. A chop saw
  11. And a wood splitter
    He's so practical.