It's only 10am and I have an almost-2 year old. My day can still be demolished. But until then...
  1. The princess woke up at 4:30, but went back to sleep
    She wakes up, congress in our room and depending on the time, goes back to sleep in her room, goes back to sleep in our bed or rolls around for an hour in our bed until I can't take it and we get up. This morning she came in and went back to sleep in my arms until 6:15. Then my sweet husband got up with her (his job when he's home).
  2. I got to sleep in until 8:45
    Crazy! Because I'm usually woken up to "I see Mama?" over and over around 7. I'm sure the two Tylenol PMs I took last night helped maybe a little. Oh, sleep. How I've missed you!
  3. I weigh one pound less!!!
    This is a big fucking deal in our house. I've been on weight watchers since Feb. 1 so I can lose the 20 lbs that I've gained for a variety of reasons (note to self: future list). Since I can't motivate myself to exercise and I eat like shit, losing weight is a miracle in itself.
  4. There was coffee AND bacon
    Just ditched the k-cup machine for drip coffee. Going old school. But now coffee actually has to be made. And having it already made is delicious. I'd never make bacon. I eat it, but I don't make it (might be the Jew in me). A lone, crisp piece of bacon on a plate is a sight I most definitely behold. My eggs were excited, too.
  5. I had no sugar yesterday
    And by sugar, I mean cake, cookies, candy, etc. I totally feel better the day after. Now, if I can remember that feeling...