What was ur aim sn? Some of my personal old favs plus others' that make me LOL
  1. beccaaztecca
    11 year old self thought she was soooooo clever for "finding" a word that rhymes with Rebecca.
    Discouraging the haters from IMing me, but in a subtle, thoughtful manner XD 😄
  3. Tonysburritohut
    My middle school group of friends' chat room name (I didn't have a friend named tony)
  4. Olympicman211
    Already an athletic mofo, he had no desire to be an Olympic medalist
  5. Roxy_girl95510
    Also used for neopets. Was really into the surf clothing brand, Roxy. Popularly sold at stores like Pacsun and Zumiez
    Suggested by @em