2017 Booklist

  1. Tuesday's with Morris
    It made me feel like we were all Jewish and we were all going to die. But in a good way.
  2. Wild
    It took longer than it should have because it was a large print for people with bad eye sight. It was from the library and it took longer than planned
  3. The Hellen Mirren Autobiography
    She goes into a lot of detail about her family which is really interesting. This woman is hippy chic and she has seriously stood by her convictions. The sexiest woman. The sexiest book.
  4. Alls Well That Ends Well
    I've read the first half two times in the past three months. One to get into drama school, the second for class. It's becoming a new top five fave #loveyouhelen
  5. Thinking Shakespeare
    My Shakespeare teachers swear by it up and down and made me leave a deposit to make sure i don't give it away. Currently found on EBay for $500+