Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Anything on the Food Network
    Some may beg to differ, "that would just make me want to puke". But it was when I was so sick that I couldn't eat that I enjoyed the Food Network the most. I watched it for two days strait and haven't watched anything on there since.
  2. 30 Rock- Or anything funny enough to tempt people to spend time with you
    I'm always hurt that people do not want to spend time with me when I am obviously sick. Tina Fey's great writing and Tracy Jordan's one liners kept my sister with me for the entire 5th season
  3. The Amazing Spider Man- Or Any Other Animated Show You Don't Want To Watch Again
    I often pick up shows just because they are on TV, and by the end of the day am a expert on the show. I often never watch the show again. This could be made clear by the fact that I don't think I got the name for this show correct. But gosh Peter Parker was dreamy.
  4. Game Shows. All of them.
    Nothing is as successful for an ego boost as convincing yourself that you could have said the name of a group of sea otters faster then the competitors of a game show. It requires brief emotional investing, but not so much that you feel drained afterward.